The Mighty Oak  LbNA # 26108

Placed DateOct 3 2006
LocationMorton, IL
Found By "A Great Catch"
Last Found Jul 23 2011
Hike Distance?

If you’ll journey North on Main Street to a park called Northwood,
Your chances of finding this box will really be quite good.

Count how many faces you can spot upon the totem.
(As you find each secret number, I’d be sure to note ‘em.) [#____]

Mingle with the tall ones’ at their merry gathering,
While at your feet might play their little acorn offspring.

At that crowd’s edge of tall and cheerful tree folk,
You’ll pass a white map en route to finding one specific fat Oak.

Travel through the forest where flying discs might sail,
Towards an open space that will lead you to your trail.

Numbers 4, 5, and 6, watch the digits growing,
When you find the next one higher, you’re almost where you’re going!

In a clearing near where those in eternal repose lay down,
Stands a goalie who wears our next number on his golden crown. [ #___]

Across the bare-floor clearing from that final resting place,
Starts the trail you want, so let us pick up our pace!

Now down the stairs and up again you’ll set upon your track;
Mid-route take rest and count the boards in the bridge-bench’s upright back. [#_____]

Continue down the train until it finally will diverge.
Take the trail upon the right no matter what your urge.

The left-side trail would have you circling like bangle,
So venture right ‘til you find a sharp 90 degree angle.

From the corner of that sharp right turn, count the steps you take.
How many steps? Well, what would ‘crown’ times ‘totem’ make?

You’ll find the product that’s in question if you can multiply with ease,
And find yourself abreast of the fattest of trail’s-edge trees.

How far from this wide-girthed sentry is our guarded off-trail treasure?
Take a bench-back number of steps as a simple way to measure.

(I've altered these clues somewhat based on feedback, and invite others to offer feedback!)