Summer Fun  LbNA # 26164

Placed DateOct 7 2006
LocationWinthrop, ME
Planted BySummer Fun    
Found By MyRose
Last Found Nov 23 2008
Hike Distance?

Mount Pisgah

Difficulty: Enjoyable walk for family
Status: Active - 10/07/2006

Go to Mount Pisgah trailhead in Winthrop. Look at the sign/information at the bottom of the trailhead. Information and photos will be helpful.

Begin up the trail and take the wooded trail on the left. Follow the blue trail markers. Enjoy the smells, sounds and sights.

Go past the Tree where the raccoon lives. Imagine the size of that creature. Find the Tree that sees all - the tree we think is great for photo op's. Place the kids up on the limb and click away.

Find the "Mineral that is Grimacing". Stand in front of the mineral and grimace back. Then go to the right behind the Mineral and find the two closest birch trees that are growing out of one spot. Look behind and below. Uncover the LB from broken sticks and leaves. Please cover up well after you stamp and make comments.

We look forward to reading your comments. Enjoy the rest of the walk up the mountain. Don't forget to climb the fire tower and see the beautiful view. It was fun putting this together.