Bogus Oasis  LbNA # 26194

Placed DateSep 28 2006
LocationAnatone, WA
Found By Kwene B
Last Found Jun 22 2007
Hike Distance?

Terrain: narrow trail on sharp rocks
Distance of walk: <1 mi rt
Elevation: 30í
Wheel chair friendly: no
Hitchhiker friendly: small one

Boggan's Oasis is at the BOTTOM! Geographically you are located close to where Washington, Oregon and Idaho meet. Perhaps this is best described by the fact that their telephone service is from Washington, the electric power is furnished by Idaho and the fuel is provided by Oregon. Boggan's Oasis is an oasis of fishing, itís home to Rainbow and Dolly Varden trout, whitefish, squaw fish, suckers, bass and steelhead. Among other wildlife in the canyon there are RATTLESNAKES.

Getting you close:
Go South on Highway 129, or North on Highway 3 Ďtil you get to the Grand Ronde River, canít miss it.

The Box:
Park any where near the store. Go in and have a milk shake. Walk down to the public boat launch and walk up stream on the narrow trail, passing under the power lines. Step out 40 yrds to a rock out crop. At 20 more yards look up the bank for 2 bushes. Go back 10 yds and walk up to the bushes. Notice the rock with a nose on the uphill side of the bush, look under the down hill lip for the concealed box.

Please re-hide well, scatter some natural ground debris over the hiding spot.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we donít live in the area we canít check on this box very often. We appreciate an update on the boxes condition. Thank you.