Fall Spree Series #6: Munroe Falls  LbNA # 26199

OwnerWee Walkers    
Placed DateOct 8 2006
LocationMunroe Falls, OH
Found By Quarry Quest
Last Found Oct 22 2011
Hike Distance?

NOTE: During the summer months the swimming beach is open and in order to enter the park you have to pay ($3.00)

This is the 6th box of 8 in the Fall Spree Series. These hikes are all part of a hiking program sponsored by the Summit County Metroparks. Visit www.summitmetroparks.org for more information.

Once in the park follow the road until the first right hand parking lot with a sign indicating "TRAILS". Park and enter the trail, you'll follow the tomahawk symbol.
At the "Y" make a left and follow the trail. Be sure to look for critters in the hollowed logs to the left. Up a little more on the left is a natural staircase and a spring that cascade over the edge. The kids had a good time sending leaves and sticks off the edge. Head back to the main trail but stop on the last step out. Walk straight ahead 9 steps, turn left and walk 9 steps, turn right and take 9 steps, reach in and find your treasure.

Continue on the trail for just over 2 miles to complete the trail for the program or if your just after the stamp
you can turn back to the car.