Fall Spree Series#7: Hampton Hills  LbNA # 26203 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWee Walkers    
Placed DateOct 8 2006
LocationPeninsula, OH
Found By KO
Last Found Oct 9 2010
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This is the 7th box of 8 in the Fall Spree Series. These hikes are all part of a hiking program sponsored by the Summit County Metroparks. Visit www.summitmetroparks.org for more information.

The clues start from the entrance on Akron-Peninsula Road near Bath Road. As you enter the trail you will go left if you look to the right you'll see the path head up the hill (this is where you'll loop around and out). Before the bridge make a right and follow the symbol for Adam's Run. The path curves through the tree cover just before the hairpin turn to the left be sure to look for the unique knotted tree tot he left. Head up the hill, you'll level off for a bit then climb again. A large vine is growing on a maple tree to the right. Stand at the small tree just in front of the maple and walk 40 paces further up the path. Three sentries guard the creek, place your back to these guards and look up the hill for a tree divided into thirds. Behind its base/rootball you'll find your LB. It's easier up the left side.

Continue on the trail for just under 3 miles and you'll return to the starting point.

Continue on the trail for just over 2 miles to complete the trail for the program or if your just after the stamp
you can turn back to the car.