Midnight in the Garden...updated 10/9/12  LbNA # 26231

Placed DateOct 8 2006
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By Jolly fi-Sherman
Last Found Mar 30 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 27 2015

Terrain: Paved for the most part and flat except for one steep incline and an unpaved, gravelly decent.

"Now, if you should die during your stay in Savannah," Miss Harty said with a gentle smile, "this is where we'll put you. It's our Stranger's Tomb. It was built in honor of a man named William Gaston. He was one of Savannah's greatest hosts and party givers, and he died in the nineteenth century. This tomb is a memorial to his hospitality. It has an empty vault in it that's reserved for out-of-towners who die while visiting Savannah. It gives them a chance to rest awhile in one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, until their families can make arrangements to take them away." Excerpt from Chapter 2, 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' by John Berendt.

The Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia became quite famous—as did Savannah itself after Berendt’s book was published. In fact, tourism went up 50%.The gravestones and tombs in the cemetery are unusual and actually quite fascinating. Unfortunately, the little girl statue that had been in the cemetery and adorned the front cover of the book had to be moved because of vandals.

Milwaukee has it’s own ‘Bonaventure’ . Ours is the Calvary Cemetery, located at 5503 W. Bluemound Rd. The gray doorway alone has its own funky style and that is where you should start.

As you pass through the doorway, you will see where a former governor’s relatives are laid to rest. The number of souls at the foot of the big one, having the actual name are (a)____. Turn right at the next drive.

The Ziegler’s have a big crew, too. The Ziegler’s who are laid to rest on the north side of the big one number (b)_____.

Even the Bonaventure doesn’t have a pyramid. Johnny’s sidekick must have had relatives in Milwaukee. After checking it out, turn left down the next drive (south).

It’s not the Brady bunch, but the O’Grady bunch. And they number ( c) _____. Take a hard left, where you’ll find the Parthenon. The dweller of that abode fed a lot of people in Milwaukee and could well afford that final resting place. There are (d) _____letters in his name.

Continue on the path until you come to the first T. Just before that T, is the house of (e) ______. At the second T, if you look eastward, you will see an angel on the hill. Walk to her, stop for a moment to appreciate her, then walk slightly to the right, down a small hill past the Johnston vault and pass between the cream city brick building and the above-ground vaults. Take the first set of stairs you see. Go up the stairs—-you must be curious about the building at the top! You’ll run out of stairs, but cross the grass and circle to the right of the building. Enjoy the beautiful Milwaukee skyline. As you start down the gravel path to your right, look for Fox. A sentinel holds the box. After stamping and re-hiding the box #1 well, continue right down the unpaved path as it curves and converges with a patchy asphalt drive. You should be heading WEST.

At the very next drive, turn left, then curve right. Do you see the broken tombstone very close by? Who sleeps there? The ghost that did has flown off (in other words, someone removed the box 24 hours after it was hidden). So continue west to find Papa at rest. He loves the sun, so look south (left), as you walk. When you find him, turn left. Do you see the avenue of trees? A tree is protected by Our Savior. You have to look around the base of the tree to see that. The tree is certainly holy..or holey, at least at it's base. And within lies the 'box'. Stamp, re-hide, and continue south to a T. Stop and add A, B, C, D, the letters on the House of E and the the number 3. To that sum, add a ripe old age—90 sounds about right. That is your compass reading. It should point you to one that was struck by lightening and may now be called 'Stumpy'. Go stand by Stumpy and look east. Do you see his brother? He holds box #3 in his heart. Stamp up and re-hide well. Hope you enjoyed peace, quiet, and adventure in Milwaukee’s Bonaventure (the oldest Catholic cemetery in Milwaukee).