Beer Belly Bob  LbNA # 26232

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateOct 8 2006
CountySan Jacinto
LocationShepherd, TX
Found By NLW
Last Found Jul 4 2011
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: about 1 mile round trip

Status of Letterbox: Alive and well on 12/10/06

The "Beer Belly Bob" letterbox is located in Big Creek Scenic Area, jest west of Shepherd and East of Coldspring. This is a great place to hike in the Same Houston Natl forest.

From Houston, take Hwy 59 to Shepherd. Go west on Hwy 150 for about 5 miles to USF 217 (look for sign for Big Creek). Go left on USF 217, and continue to parking area on the right (will be a large sign).

To the Letterbox:
Cross the bridge and continue to trail junction and sign. Take the trail right, and go right again at next junction. Cross 2 wooden bridges, a downed tree, a carving on a tree at left, along the creek on right of trail, leave the creek, back to the creek, past tree pieces, creek overlook and arrive at a trail sign and junction (with bridge). Go left up the Pine Trail for 25 steps. Look left at large tree and wooden post marker. Box is behind the tree, covered with leaves and sticks. Re-cover it well. You can continue on the Pine Trail and finish a loop back to the beginning Junction.