Indians of the Acorn - MISSING 031309  LbNA # 26235 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 6 2006
CountySan Diego
LocationEscondido, CA
Planted ByThe Diners    
Found By Hanft Zoo
Last Found Apr 22 2007
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Indians of the Acorn
Kit Carson Park
Escondido, CA

MISSING 031309

Easy hike. Strollers can be used for most of the way. Dogs welcome on leash. You might like to bring a camera. Bring your own ink.

Indians of the acorn culture were the first inhabitants of Kit Carson Park. The park was named after Christopher (Kit) Carson, the famous scout who guided Captain John C. Fremont over the Sierra Nevada Mountains during a government exploration expedition. The park sits in a valley that is approximately five miles west of where Kit Carson fought in the Battle of San Pasqual. A historical monument commemorating the battle is located on Mule Hill, one mile southeast of the park.

Park at the "Iris Sankey Magical Garden Trail" parking lot.

Follow the main trail to "Queen Califia's Magical Circle", the only American sculpture garden by the internationally acclaimed artist, Niki de Saint Phalle. Here is where you might like to take some pictures. Continue down the trail to the "T" intersection.

Turn right and follow the main trail south bound.

Watch for "TYLER" PURPLE PIPE. From here go 12 more paces southwest to the first path southeast into the woods. Take this path and count about 75 paces. Looking southwest you should see 3 large trees in a row. Go about 19 paces southwest (225 degrees) to the first tree. Look on the southwest side of this tree. Under a rock and some tree debris you should find what you are looking for.

Happy Hunting ..... The Diners aka Nuts4mice

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