Mahoney State Park Letterbox  LbNA # 26240 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 7 2006
LocationSouth Bend, NE
Planted Byomega93    
Found By JWN
Last Found Jul 1 2007
Hike Distance?

Mahoney State Park Letterbox

The Mahoney State Park Letterbox is currently missing. A new box will be placed in a different location nearby. Stand by for a new set of clues. The new box will probably be placed during this summer. The clues below are the old clues.

This letterbox is located in Mahoney State Park northeast of Lincoln in southeast Nebraska. View Map

Go to Nebraska’s Mahoney State Park near South Bend, Nebraska. Locate the observation tower and park in the lot nearby. Walk northwest past the Craft Center and look for a sign at the top of the hill that will advise you to use toboggans and sleds at your own risk. Follow the left side of the left toboggan run down the hill. With the Craft Center and tower behind you, look for a break in the broken fence line and seek a trail among the grass and shrubs to your left. Walk down the trail with the Platte River at your back. Do not take the path that merges from the right. Make a shallow descent among the oaks and cedars. Climbing a short rise, spot a scraggly cedar with many trunks on your left. Descend a bit more to where the trail widens out, and you will see a short upward cliff to your left and a steep slide to a cliff on your right. If you reach the rocky rapids you have gone too far. Look to your right down the steep slide and make note of two oak trees at the edge of the cliff. Make your way down to the two oak trees and be sure to watch your footing. What you are seeking lies in the roots of one of the trees.

NOTE: Please re-hide the box in a safe position. Contact me about the condition of the box.