Patriot Pals  LbNA # 26253 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 8 2006
LocationLiberty, IN
Found By AmyRayIndy
Last Found May 25 2008
Hike Distance?

Step #1- Go into White Water State Park and follow the main road from the entrance. After Labor Day, on the week days, it's free to get in the park, and on weekends and holidays I think it's $3 per car. Over the summer I think it's $5 per car.

Step #2- You drive until you get to the signs that point you right toward the Family Cabins and Public Telephones, but take the left turn and follow the hill until you come to the parking lot by the Veteran's Vista Trail.

Step #3- Park in the cul-de-sac by the parkinglot(but don't drive INTO the water)

Step #4- Get out and stand facing the water. Turn to the right 90 degrees(or 1/4 of a turn)so you're facing the grass area and walk the the curb.

Step #5- At the curb, walk 40 steps straight and you will come to a dead tree on the ground.

Step#6- Walk 60 more steps striaght from the dead tree and you will come to another one. On the top part on the tree(near the middle) wear there is a big crack in it. It's covered with leaves and sticks. Move them to find the letter box hidden in the crack. Carefully take it out and when you're done carefully put it back in. Please cover it bac up so it is hidden from the average person.

Email me to tell me if you found it, or to tell me how easy or hard it was to find! Thanks!

**Careful of your steps! Roots and sticks could trip you!**