Warnock Lake area  LbNA # 26271

Placed DateSep 27 2006
LocationAtchison, KS
Planted ByRainWADRS    
Found By Butterfly Jane
Last Found Nov 8 2009
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Atchison, KS
Warnock Lake Area
The Warnock Lake Park is open from 7am to 11pm.

Amelia Earhart Earthwork
As you enter Warnock Lake area, follow the road to the left, rather than going down to the swimming area. The road will curve around and it leads to a playground, picnic area, etc. Locate the Amelia Earhart Earthwork observation platform (east side of the main road). Once there, enjoy the view of the earthwork!
As you stand on the platform and face the earthwork, on your left is a small evergreen shrub that may be easily "overlooked" from the platform's railing. It reminded me of a small undecorated Christmas tree.
Just under this shrub, on the side nearest the platform, the box is placed. You should not need to disturb the landscaping nor harm the shrub's branches in retrieving it. Also, this is a public area where there may be others within view (especially during the summer), so it may take some creativity to be discreet when removing and replacing this box.

As of April 2009, this box was still in place. :-)