Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Wishing Well  LbNA # 26281

Placed DateOct 15 2006
LocationVernon, CT
Planted ByMagic Treehouse gang    
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found May 2 2011
Hike Distance?


Rockville High is located on Loveland Hill Rd in Vernon. You’ll want to pull into the student parking lot which is the turn AT the stop sign, not the main entrance. Drive around the small circle and park at the far end of the parking lot by the fence. There is a small zigzag opening/gate and this is where your adventure begins! The walk is an easy loop (maybe 1 mile?). There is one largish hill at the end but the smallest of the gang (who just turned 4) had no trouble.

Bring with you:

You will need a compass as well as a penny, if you want to make a wish! Please be sure to rehide all boxes well since this is a heavily traveled trail. Also, I would suggest going outside of school hours so you don’t run into any gym classes or sports teams on your travels. And finally, the stamps are my first attempts at carving with the rest of the Tree House Gang (age 5 and 4) so be gentle.

One fall evening, after Marcella had left the nursery for the night, Raggedy Ann asked Raggedy Andy if he wanted to go on adventure. Of course, he agreed. So the two rag dolls held hands and headed for the hole in the fence that always brought them to adventures.

“Let’s go straight across the open fields,” Andy said. “I think I see something up there.” So they began to walk across the field. They had to be careful since they heard children’s voices and it would never do for real-for-sure people to know the dolls could move and talk when they weren’t around.

As they came to the far end of the field, they saw a familiar opening in the fence that led to the dirt path into the Deep Deep Woods. This is where their greatest adventures had occurred and where many of their animal friends lived. As soon as they entered the deep deep woods, they started downhill. As they neared the bottom of the hill, they saw a twinkling light. As they looked closer, they saw the light came from under a fallen tree on the left-hand side of the trail.

“Ah!” said Raggedy Ann. “The forest animals are having a party to celebrate this beautiful autumn!” They approached the fallen tree and found the light came from the place the fallen tree brushed against a tall standing tree. Here they stopped to join the party in the DEEP DEEP WOODS.

After a soda water and some ice cream, Raggedy Ann and Andy said goodbye to their friends and continued down the path. Soon, they crossed a wooden bridge over a small soda water brook. They stopped for a drink and decided to turn right onto the main trail just ahead.

Just after turning onto the main trail Andy stopped. “Do you hear that?” asked Andy. “It sounds like a whistle.” Sure enough, it was a train whistle!

“I’d love a train adventure,” said Ann. So, they walked to the triplet tree on the left side of the trail. They had to climb the bank and wait behind the triplet tree. Here the climbed onto THE TRAIN.

“This is great fun!” said Andy. They continued on the main trail seeing many things from the train windows. They saw some houses on the left and a small trail. The train went over a small concrete trestle bridge over the soda water brook. The soda water made Andy hungry. Gazing out the window he thought he saw something to eat, so he and Ann got off the train. They saw a brownish house on the left through the trees right after a blue one. They also saw a small stump right next to the trail also on the left. Andy stood on the stump with his back to the houses to get a better look.

“Over there!” said Andy taking a reading of 320 degrees (you didn’t know he carried a compass!!). He climbed up the hill a little bit and found a clump of LOLLIPOPS behind the large tree. “Good things we are just rag dolls stuffed with nice soft cotton or those prickers would have hurt!” said Ann.

Well, it was time to start getting back to the nursery, so they continued down the path but took the next right hand turn onto a grassy and leaf covered path. It started broad but soon got narrow. They started up a large hill. Ann was glancing around the beautiful woods when she saw something. She rubbed her shoe button eyes to be sure she wasn’t seeing things.

“Andy! Look over there on the left by that stone wall!” Ann said. Andy looked and couldn’t believe it. The stone wall had a long fallen tree running along it. Near the middle of the fallen tree, where the tree touched the wall (and in a crevice) there was a WISHING WELL hidden by leaves. Being careful not to move the stones, Ann and Andy made a wish.

“What an adventure we have had!” said Andy. They finished climbing the hill and found themselves at a grassy field. They passed a soccer field and baseball diamond. They continued down to a parking lot and followed the road by the school and past the football stadium. Finally, they passed the cows, sheep, and the Rockville Ram until they found themselves back at the nursery where the adventure had begun. They climbed into bed, jumped up and down 2 times and went to sleep.

We hope you enjoyed this series. It is our first plant and we are very excited about it. Please let us know if it needs first aid. Also, we would love to hear comments!