2006 BOX IN LOMBARD, ILLINOIS updated  LbNA # 26296 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 10 2006
LocationLombard, IL
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This box is located in Madison Meadow Park. There are playgrounds, a picnic area with a shelter, a wetlands area, and a tree nursery. Garden plots are available for rent. Call (630)620-7322 for more info.
Terrain: level
Difficulty: easy
Duration Time: 15 min?
Start on Wilson Rd. and Myers Rd., going west until you come to the Madison Meadows parking lot on the right. It will come up right after Cherry Ln. Northwest of you is a path, and one of those toilet-thingys. Try to park close to it. Walk on that path. Follow that path until you come to a Y. Make the "right" decision and follow that path. You should go by a football field on your left. When you come to a +, -(you should see a parking lot to your right)-go straight until you see a brown solid post on your left. Stop. Northwest of you is a red post reading a number. Walk towards it. Turn back until you face Southwest. You will see a tree. then you will see a bench. Walk towards the bench until you see a spot that looks like something's buried. There will be shrubs on both sides. Look in the RIGHT part until you find it. Please Re-hide carefully.
Suggested Ink color: any
Bought? stamp.
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