The old B&O  LbNA # 26303

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateOct 10 2006
LocationZaleski, OH
Found By Royse Robots
Last Found Jul 13 2007
Hike Distance?

Follow route 278 to Wheelabout road opposite of Lake Hope dam. Shea road will split off to the left shortly thereafter. Follow Shea road past the ghost town of Hope and after nearing Moonvile, you will notice a widened railroad bed crossing a sharp turn in the gravel road.

The RR used to go through here and you would cross it, make a sharp turn and cross the tracks again after a couple hundred feet.

Back during the Summer of 1975, we would ride these roads in a covertable. The object here was to jump out of the car and run down the tracks and beat the car to the next crossing.

Find the large sandstone shoved along the right side of the old track bed at the far end of the cut. The B&O box is located here beteen the rock and the ground behind a tree branch.

Named for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad that ran these tracks.