Ellysium...Just don't drink the water  LbNA # 26317

Placed DateOct 8 2006
CountyEl Paso
LocationMonument, CO
Found By Seekers Two
Last Found Mar 16 2017
Hike Distance?

Description: relatively flat hike, 1.5miles round trip though some sandy areas can be slippery. Clues are pretty straight forward.

Directions: from I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs, take exit 161 (Monument). At the intersection with State Hgwy 105, turn West into Monument. This will become second street. Continue through a stop, flashing yellow light and 2 other stops. Pass Limbach Park on the left. The next stop is Mitchell Ave. Turn Left (south). Turn West on Mt. Herman Road and follow it until it turns to gravel (just past Sunburst Dr.). There will be a small gravel turn about on your right. Park here.

Clues: From the turn about, cross Mt. Herman Rd and walk to the sign with the arrow and 3751 Mt. Herman Rd. Follow the direction of the arrow, continuing around the gate towards the Monument Fire Center. Just before the second sign for the Monument Fire Center (no unauthorized persons beyond that point), there will be a trail headed north towards a now visible large rock formation. Follow the trail up to and around the rock at it's easternmost end. Continue along the trail to the park bench near the pond. Take a seat on the bench. Look to your right. Between the bench and the rock you will see a twin pine. Ellysium is at it's base, beneath some rocks, branches and needles.

There is a pen and inkpad in the box. Please rehide the box well with the rocks, branches and needles. Return the way you came. If you are interested in further hiking in this area, the Mt. Herman Trailhead is at the intersection of Schilling/Nursery Ave and Mt. Herma Rd. Happy hunting!