History Mystery: The Soldier/Engineer  LbNA # 26326

Placed DateOct 8 2006
LocationJacksonville, FL
Planted Bypyratemates    
Found By Camster
Last Found Apr 11 2016
Hike Distance?

Total distance: 1.25 miles
This park is completely disabled accessible. Persons with wheelchairs and parents with strollers should have no difficulty. At this time (11 October 2006) the education center & the farm are not open to the public.

Camp Milton served as the Confederate Headquarters for the Military District of Florida, and is considered one of Jacksonville’s historical treasures. The Civil War Discovery Trail, created a decade ago by the Civil War Preservation Trust, tells the comprehensive history of the Civil War. Once you locate the park follow the trails to your goal.

Stop at the information kiosk near the parking lot to get your bearings. Take the green path (.31 miles in length) to the Third Union Invasion. Along this path you will also see the Battery Park Live Oak. Take the footpath, which bears off to the right just before you reach the Battery Park Live Oak. This leads you down a boardwalk, the Earthen Works Trail (.68 miles in length). Read all posts till you find one about the Soldier/Engineer. This is the man you seek.
To find him, return to the Trail Path (Green), and seek the well. Take the path behind the well for a respite in the circle on the American Forest Trail (.27 miles in length). Take the right fork and cross the Campaign Bridge at McGirt's Creek. Pause and listen to the quiet of this wooded haven, then re-cross the bridge & follow the path, taking the right fork across another Campaign Bridge. Stay on the American Forest Trail till you come to the Rail Trail. Rest yourselves at the bicycle rack, then look for the horse trail, which crosses the American Forest Trail & runs parallel to the Rail Trail. Ten steps (5 paces) off the concrete and northwest along the horse trail, a lone pine stands guard at the edge of the American Forest Trail. Take your bearing and site down the horse trail to another large pine tree 42 steps (21 paces) away. Another 23 steps down the path beyond this second pine will take you to a double-trunked tree with a slender red maple tree emerging between the roots. In the hollow of this formation lies your quarry.