The Church-Key  LbNA # 26353

Placed DateOct 13 2006
Location???, CT
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This letterbox commemmorates a Connecticut first, of sorts. Find the site of the state's first Drive-Thru for package goods (beer and wine only)--hence the Church-Key. The store remains open, as does the drive-thru; stop in and pick up a beverage* (of your choice) before your search or wait until afterwards...a prize awaits the first two finders: Acolyte's Church-Keys!

*Our legislators in their infinite wisdom closed the loophole that allowed this endevour to briefly flourish. If you wish something stronger than soft-drinks, you will need to go inside. (Nota Bene: I do NOT endorse drinking and driving. And I prefer my coffee black, thank you!)

**Edit 8.2011-Reprise: once again a package store. The drive-thru, while evident is closed, and not operating.**

Planted as part of the Mystery Box Planting Day.

Please be very discreet and rehide the Church-Key well, this is a busy area and it could go missing easily.

Bring ink.

Facing the package store, look to the right for the Locust twins. The three Maple sisters reside to the rear of the twins and you will find the Key to the Church behind these sisters.