Bench View - replanted 061309  LbNA # 26370

Placed DateOct 14 2006
LocationOakwood, IL
Found By Dino Loves Deer
Last Found Oct 21 2012
Hike Distance?

Whenever we camp at Kickapoo State Park, I take early morning walks to go “deer hunting” with my camera. One of my favorite places to stop during my walk is a bench near Ironwood Shelter, overlooking the meadow. From here I can see deer, wild turkeys, geese…and occasionally a cross-country runner. This box is in honor of that bench.

Once you’ve found my favorite bench, take a minute to look around you and enjoy the scenery. Then, turn to your left and look toward the thicket. It is flanked by two large trees on the left and right. Walk to the left tree and behind the tree at the base is a notch covered by twigs. In that notch, Bench View is waiting for you.

Please do not remove the plastic sleeve.

Please be discreet in removing and replacing the box. Happy hunting!