OwnerWilliamsport Tribe    
Placed DateOct 8 2006
LocationMt Sterling, OH
Found By Lindsays Snowman
Last Found Jul 15 2007
Hike Distance?

Finally COSMO AND WANDA are out of retirement and placed somewhere new. For those of you who have these 2 no need to find again. First you will need to find Deercreek Lodge located at Deercreek State Park. You will need to find the lodge, and park close to the tennis courts. You need to take the Rolling Hills Trail and follow it to the Rich Van Horn Nature Trail it goes to the left. ( 1).At the edge of the bridge you will need to go 114 steps. (2)When you get there, take a reading of 260 degrees and go 12 more steps to a 2 fork tree. COSMO is in the fork of this tree. Now go back out on the same trail and continue up the path 122 steps.You should be between 2 trees with RED blazes on them. There is a narrow path to your left, go up this path until you connect with another main path. Go right 89 steps. Then then take a reading of 310 degrees and go 5 steps to a small 5 trunk tree. In small I mean small like a bush. WANDA is hiding at the base of this tree. Sorry it took so long for their return.