Celtic Creations at Cobscook  LbNA # 26375

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateOct 14 2006
LocationEdmunds, ME
Found By chadwickcrockett
Last Found Aug 15 2015
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Celtic Creations at Cobscook Bay State Park

Cobscook Bay State Park is located off US Route 1 in Edmunds, Maine, 4 miles north of the village of Whiting. Signage along the road will direct you to the park.

Park in the small lot near the gate house. If you’re visiting off season and the front gate is locked, park in the grassy lot to the right of the gate and walk in.

Take the nature trail, which begins at the corner of the parking lot.

Hike until you see this scene – The trail begins to meander down a small slope. To your right is a blue blazed cedar which leans in the direction of the slope. On your left is a thick stand of young fir and a small aspen faintly marked in blue. Not far off the trail on your right is a straight standing cedar blazed with orange.

Stand with the orange cedar on your left (if your imagination is like mine you might see an otherworldly-looking footprint on the bark of the tree). Take in the scene around you. About fifteen feet away do you see a torn snag? It stands about ten feet tall; its once tall top lies to its left and bridges a small ravine beyond the snag. Explore the base of the snag for the first box in this pair.

Continue on along the trail…path parallels stream…crosses a bridge…stream feeds cove…crosses another…

At the juncture head towards the promised scenery. Not long after you’ll come to another juncture. Head on up towards the overlook if you’d like; the views are spectacular, and another box (not one of this pair) is hidden up this way. Whether you go up or not, to finish this particular series continue straight along the path.

Shortly afterwards you’ll come within the vicinity of a stately white pine which lives along the left side of the trail. Twelve steps beyond and on your right you’ll meet a paper birch, decorated with a peeling blue blaze and sharing stump space with a smaller fir. Five more steps on the trail (over that squarish boulder in the ground), look off the trail on your right to what could be a deer path or some other trail. A clump of birchs on the left and a uniquely shaped fir on the right serve as an entry way, and a low-lying ledge flanks the “path” on the right. Take twenty steps in, keeping the low ledge to your right. About twenty five feet away, on your left, find a four-pronged clump of paper birch. Proceed to the birches. Celtic Creations #2 is hidden in the hollow of the four, sandwiched between rocks.

Return to the parking lot by continuing along the trail until you reach a gravel road. Turn left on the road, and left again at the next intersection to find the gate house and the parking lot.