Colwell Church Bell  LbNA # 26383 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 14 2006
Location???, OH
Planted By3BuckeyeKids    
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 5 2007
Hike Distance?

Missing as of 10-26-07. I hope to replace it soon.

Colwell Church was built in 1876. Before the church was moved to its current location, it sat on the edge of a farm. The bell was stolen out of the steeple in the middle of the night. The thieves took only the bell and left the rocker. When the farmer drove by the next morning, he noticed the missing bell. So, he got help to remove the rocker and put it in his barn.

Years later, the TV news covered the move of the church and told the story of the stolen bell. The thieves conscience must have gotten to them because, one day, after the church was in place, the restorers arrived to find the bell chained to a nearby tree. (I guess they didn’t want it to be stolen.) They were able to retrieve the rocker out of the barn and return the church to its original state. Now it is part of a quaint historical village which, in the 1800’s, could have been accessed by rail or trail. I wonder which way the Weaver family would have come.

Now it is your turn to find the missing bell. (Use only the last two digits of the years noted.) Once you figure out the city, go to the entrance of the village at the end of Columbia St. and start by reading the sign with the name of the village on it. Take a bearing of 340 degrees and spot a sign, walk to that sign. From the pole next to the sign, walk 50 degrees the number of steps that is equal to half of the year on the sign. Now take the same number of steps again, but at 80 degrees. (Spot were you are going, you will have to avoid an obstacle.) There should now be a plaque on your left. Read that plaque and walk the number of steps equal to half that year (round down) at a heading of 100 degrees. Look right and up, and then walk south the number of steps equal to one-third the year on that sign. Now, take a bearing of 250 degrees and walk 56 steps. Read this plaque and walk steps equal to one-forth (round down) the year on that sign at 10 degrees. Could this be where the Colwell bell was found?

Please bring an ink pad, pen, logbook and compass. Make sure to put the box back completely out of sight. A stick or two may be needed to keep it from tumbling out. This is a can be a highly visible area, please be discrete when others are around. The box may not be easily retrievable on some Sundays from May to early October and will removed a few weeks mid July. The church is also sometimes used for weddings (mostly on Saturday afternoons), which will also make retrieval difficult.