GSTroop 5231 Box 1  LbNA # 26398

Placed DateSep 18 2006
LocationFreeman, MO
Planted ByGSTroop5231    
Found By Pond & Roses People
Last Found Jul 31 2007
Hike Distance?

In the state of Missouri where the big muddy flows,
On the westernmost edge, in Cass County, MO

Is a strange little town off of "71".
Exit here to start your fun...

South of Peculiar, the odds are with you,
If you "C" your way south to Highway "2".

Follow the sunset to the town where all men are Free,
To the road past the blinking light that you see.

Right to the top of the hill you will go,
To the house of The Highest, it's the color of snow.

The tower of this structure built in 1882,
Once housed an object to call the Believers true.

Now the place of this object is down on the ground.
Beneath this loud dome the box will be found.