Three Pipe Problem: Solitary Cyclist  LbNA # 26399 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 15 2006
LocationJacksonville, FL
Planted Bypyratemates    
Found By Ladymouse
Last Found Apr 7 2007
Hike Distance?

A Three-Pipe Problem Series Box: The Solitary Cyclist
Distance: .25 mile
Park Admission: $1 per person before 10:00 AM; $3 per carload after 10:00 AM

NOTE: This box has been removed for recarving. Will replace at a later date.

It seems that a young woman found herself followed by a man on bicycle when she visited Hanna Park. She took the same route routinely: the first right after paying her admission fee, and again the first right, which took her over a wooden bridge. The man always remained at some distance & fled into the woods on the bike trail at great speed if she tried to approach him.

Holmes believed foul play was afoot, and we hid ourselves in the woods near the bridge. The maid never saw us as she passed that day & crossed the bridge. Just as she made her way in a mostly southwest direction over a small hillock, we heard her call out. Her cry was immediately muffled, and we dashed across the bridge & the 150 or so feet to the water's edge to behold the sham wedding of an unwilling bride beneath an oaken canopy. Holmes quickly put the villain at bay, and I tended to the shaken maiden.

"So, Holmes," the villain snarled as he was taken into custody, "You've thwarted my plans to marry this wench, but you'll never find the treasure box in which her fortune resides."

"Why, old man, nothing could be simpler!" Holmes retorted. Turning his back to the water's edge.

Holmes started back the way we came. We started past a table used for rest and refreshment when Holmes suddenly turned toward the table and walked toward it. Holmes looked about, checked the sun and decided which way he was going. He sat facing West and started to light his pipe.

The man smiled and said to Holmes, "I told you that you couldn't find it!"

Holmes snorted, put his pipe away, got up, turned 210 degrees SW and walked about 40 feet to a large water oak. He reached down and lifted the hidden treasure which was nestled at the base of the tree, saying, "Watson, you can now put your stamp on another case closed."