Del's Freedom  LbNA # 26412 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 15 2006
CountyNew London
Location???, CT
Planted ByDelphius    
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 22 2008
Hike Distance?

* UPDATE (Aug 5, 2007) - This box is currently under repair, due to missing stamp and logbook, and everything else destroyed. Will update when it is in top shape for finding again.

Since this is my first plant ever I figured by the time I was done I would have led you near to my own back yard. The cemetary this is near is on my favorite road. I believe it to be the most scenic public water supply shed (minus the obscene amounts of No Trespassing signs) around. The road actually travels directly through the beautiful water area.

This cemetary is set back from the road so slightly less viewable to driving by. And is the place of rest to the Allens and Satterlees circa 1833. You can pull in off the road easily enough here. Once you do find which town and road it does get a bit easier.

The clues to the box:
From your vehicle walk outside around the cemetary keeping the stone wall on your left till you get to the northeast corner. From the northeast corner you will see a crumbling stone wall directly ahead. Looking to the east you will see where the stone wall dead ends into a rock face.

Head towards the end of the stone wall where there is a large tree near the rock face just on the other side of the wall. Directly in front of the tree in the crumbling wall is the prize you seek.

*Added note, (which I had tried to do before but guess it didn't take), be forewarned it does get quite wet and a bit on the muddy side here on occasion.*

Please rehide well in this same spot. For the first few people there is a small token inside that reveals a little more about me and may even help find another stamp down the line.

As always more to come. . . .