Euterpe  LbNA # 26414 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 15 2006
CountySan Diego
LocationSan Diego, CA
Planted Bygranita6    
Found By Sunshine & Gray Mare
Last Found Dec 20 2009
Hike Distance?

UPDATE 3/08: The letterbox is alive and well. I had one report that it was missing but I have had several people since that time report a find! Note that there is a good deal of homeless activity in the area and you will encounter these folks, but it's a well traveled tourist area. All is well.

This letterbox is hidden in the North Embarcadero area where the Maritime Museum fleet resides.

Along the waterfront among the ships and beyond are many sculptures. Please take some extra time to enjoy these public works of art. If you go on a weekend, watch out for pirates!

Your journey to the letterbox starts at one of these sculptures. Clues:

1) Is it sunrise, or sunset? Y don't you look around to decide? Note the symbol on the boat anchored behind.

2) Her name is not Jenny, and her number is not 867-5309 but the artist (Becky) has a telephone number. Including the area code, note the 4th and 5th digits. Walk that number of steps to your left (south).

3) You will be at another sculpture. Count the number of yellow circles Amos included on the piece and subtract 1 from that number.

4) Continue south reading the signs and placards along the way. One of these you will see references a ship built in 1931 with a name and a number PC#? The number is what you calculated in step 3.

5) Nearby, you will see Nancy Dawson & Hurricane accompanied by a pirate flag. These point in the direction you will ultimately go to find the letterbox.

6) Continue south and stop at the map of the San Diego Harbor. Read the box in the lower right hand corner about the Star of India. How many times did the ship round Cape Horn? Walk that many steps south.

7) You should be near something with a name akin to that of a beloved deceased British princess. On the south end of the ship anchored behind this Monterey Fishing Boat is a series of vertical numbers. Add the top number to the 4th number, and walk that many steps south.

8) Stop and enjoy the sculpture. Then turn around and see the cross walk. Before crossing, note the symbol engraved into the east side of the cement cylindrical bases. You should see 4 signs on the north east corner across the street. That is where you are heading.

9) Stop in front of the fitness course sign boards. Looking at the map, locate Pantejo Park. Walk that number of steps to your right.

10) You should be next to a tall palm with small palm bushes surrounding it. From the parking lot side of the tree, look around the base of the very careful not to be watched, and also be careful as the leaves are spikey and can poke you.

Please carefully rehide the letterbox or it will soon go missing. If there are extra leaves or bark laying around, if you could put those on top of the letterbox for extra coverage, it would be much appreciated.

Enjoy, and let us know the status of the box at