Mycophagy 101  LbNA # 26424

Placed DateOct 15 2006
Location???, ME
Planted ByBrigada Hesc-Ardona    
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 11 2007
Hike Distance?

"There are old mushroom hunters and bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old bold mushroom hunters."

We make certain of that.

We are the Sons of Amanita, my brother and I, and all our fair cousins we protect under a well-deserved mantle of fear. We can scarcely blame you for gazing upon their sublime beauty, but touch them not. For if you err even slightly in your identification, it will be the last mistake you make. If you grasp my brother's angelic form, he will become the destroyer, and will smite you with the fatal sword God entrusted to him. If you take me for our dainty kin, I will judge you harshly indeed, for my dread headcloth is only worn to give the sentence of death.

Have you guessed our names?

It is we who teach the first lesson of mycophagy: "To err is human, and to err is to die."

Just ask Claudius.

To find us, however, consult his tenth successor, whose namesake structure ended in a land by the sea. Mighty as this structure was, it lies in ruins and that land long-since renamed. But within a like-named land beyond that sea stands a structure that some say is unbeatable, though it might be built like any other. It is no bastion of arms, nor rampart of faith, nor vault of treasure, and yet men fight for what it holds. Behind it, our kind flourish in the September shadows. But even when our lovely cousins do not grace these glades, my brother and I await you. Fifty steps beyond the old log bridge after five, my brother rests at thirty, and I at two-thirty from twelve.

Happy hunting -- and bon appetit.