Oakwood Cemetery Waco  LbNA # 26429

Placed DateOct 7 2006
LocationWaco, TX
Found ByWalksfar (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 30 2013


The Oakwood Cemetery is the oldest, and largest, graveyard in Waco, Texas. It is at 2124 S. 5th St. I recommend getting a mapquest to help you, but general directions are: From I-35 North, take the 333A exit. This should put you onto LaSalle St. Stay on LaSalle until you see 5th St., then take a right. The cemetery is just a few blocks up.
Right when you drive into the cemetery, park along the road. Look for the historical marker and read about the history of Oakwood Cemetery. After you read the historical marker turn around and look for the intersection of Moore St. 6 and Lacey St. 6. Walk 106 steps down Moore St. 6 (if you pass the intersection of Moore St. 6 and Sturgis Ave., you've gone too far). At 106 steps look to your left. You should see an old tombstone leaning against the wall next to a tree. Go to the tombstone and look for "HANNAH". The Oakwood Cemetery Letterbox is hidden behind beneath some twigs. Please replant well.