A Short Drive Off 65 (rehidden with a new stamp)  LbNA # 26432 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerthe dane mistress    
Placed DateOct 15 2006
LocationFalkville, AL
Found By Malleus
Last Found Mar 12 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 17 2015

When driving the great 65 that cutteth the east in half, if thou dippeth below the Mason-Dixon line into northern Alabama, thou wilt come to exit 322, Falkville/Eva. Thou can makest a quick detour off the ribbon of blacktop onto highway 55, and turn west, toward Falkville (small town USA). When thou cometh to the second road on the right (Culver Road), turneth right there. A short way down this road, watcheth for a place where the young and old can cometh together. Pulleth into the lot where the old folks roam, and the children play. Pulleth to the North end of the lot, and thou wilt find the twin dining area for the old folks at home. Yon box is not there. Skirteth this area and droppeth into a shallow ditch. Climbeth out of the ditch on the other side. Thou wilt see a cluster of three trees, one with a curly trunk. Looketh in that spot to find thine treasure.

Please rehide this box very well, as one box has already disappeared from this area.