Leggo my Lego  LbNA # 26435 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 13 2006
CountySan Diego
LocationCarlsbad, CA
Planted ByNeNe    
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Last EditedDec 16 2015


This little orphan may not last very long (sad to say I was right). This theme park has a whole army of landscapers that will probably find it before too long.

If you remember, during all the fun that you're having, to look for the letterbox...find the shortcut from beside the Fun Town Theater, stay to your left and work your way over the waterfall to a bench (it is built right into the wall) right below the Garden Restaurant. There's a little grassy plant (looked a little on the dead side) on your right as you're sitting on the bench. I put the micro letterbox under the grassy plant.

This theme park is so much fun! It is just the right size, too. Our boys loved it. Hope you have fun too!