The Kelly Klan Letterbox  LbNA # 26438

Placed DateOct 14 2006
LocationBingham, ME
Found By Razzy Raz
Last Found Jun 10 2007
Hike Distance?

This box is placed to honor those who had the courage to cross the Great Pond so that future generations could be proud Americans.

This hike should take about an hour round trip, depending on how much time you have to enjoy the views. If you are brave enough to climb the tower, please use caution and it is best to keep the kids on the ground. The trail described below can be rather wet after a rain, so dress accordingly. There are other paths to the top, this is just the path that we took.

Your goal is the summit of Kelly Mountian. You will need to keep this in mind.

Traveling north on route 151, and shortly before it meets route 16, there is a left onto a dirt road. This is Iron Gate Road. Take the first left and travel for 2.2 miles before turning left again and parking your car on the side. Careful not to block the roadway. You need to walk from here following an old logging spur. After only a few yards you should be able to see your goal on the mountain. It's not as far as it seems!! You will lose sight of it, but keep it in your minds eye.

At the "Y" go left (you can also go right, they join later). Trail will start to narrow. After slight right hand turn, trail begins a steaper ascent into an old clearing before the final tree line. Follow the trail as it zig zags up hill.

Once you reach the final tree line, stop and turn around to enjoy the spectacular view. To the north is Bald Mountain in Moscow and the Moscow Radar Station at it's base. Time to continue on UP following a faint trail. Remember that your goal is the fire tower, and you may chose to bushwack a bit at this point.

Now that you are at the base of the tower, sit and catch your breath. Sitting on the concrete block with the ladder at your back and facing east, take 22 steps to a spruce tree bound by wire. Turn left and take 3 steps to an old. gnarled, small tree with a dead tree next to it. The prize you seek is at the base of the live tree.

I hope you enjoy the hike, and remember to give thanks to the ancestors who took a much more perilous journey to view a new land and a new life.

Special credit to Articulation for the "Guide Service".