T-44  LbNA # 26454 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSneaky Sneaks    
Placed DateOct 16 2006
LocationCorpus Christi, TX
Found By cancan
Last Found Oct 25 2006
Hike Distance?


The T-44 is a Navy twin turbo-prop airplane used to train Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Air Force and several foreign military aviators in. If you follow the boardwalk to its end, you can see Naval Air Station Corpus Christi where they are based out of. If it is a weekday, all you have to do is look up and you will probably see several of them in the air. The T-34 and TC-12, as well as other aiplanes can also been seen flying in the area.

To get there: When in Corpus Christi, follow Highway 358 (SPID) East toward San Padre Island. Take a left on Ennis Joslin Rd until you come the stoplight at the intersection of Ennis Joslin Rd and Nile Dr. Take a right into the wildlife area and Park. Follow the path to the left (North), pass the sign talking about the Karankawa Indians, then pass the wooden kiosk that talks about Hans and Pat Suter. Continue down the path till you find a boardwalk with a "Give a Hoot, Don't Polute" sign near it. The box is located under neath the 12 and 13th board from the begining on the right side.

If you search for the box, please contact me and let me know of its condition.