Mt. Lee  LbNA # 2649 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 16 2003
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLos Angeles, CA
Planted ByTheMandrill    
Found By PeterK
Last Found Nov 7 2004
Hike Distance?

Mt Lee, Los Angeles, California

This box is most likely missing, and as of 2/4/09 I still have not had a chance to replace it. However, please PLEASE still do this hike; you'll get a rare view of LA and the Sign...

Find this letterbox and you'll be rewarded with a rare view of the Hollywood Sign from the back. Find Franklin Ave, just north and parallel to Hollywood Blvd. A few blocks east of Vine is a small street called Beachwood. Take this north for a ways, through several stop signs, until you come to Ledgewood, and go left. Follow Ledgewood uphill until you come to a five-way intersection. Go straight ahead and slightly to the right, merging with Deronda. Follow Deronda as it winds past luxurious houses, all the way to the end where there is a white wall and gate on the right. Park and go to the left of the gate where you will see a small pedestrian gate, letting you into the service road. Don't worry about the restricted entry signs; these are referring to cars.

Follow this concrete service road to the top of Mt Lee, where you will see spectacular views of Burbank and the San Fernando Valley on your right. As you near the top and the road curves sharply to the left, you will see a green chainlink fence ahead. Go to the right end of this and around it, where there is another path that continues sharply uphill. After a very short climb, the main path curves sharply to the right and continues along the ridge, but you need to continue forward and straight up, until you have a good view of the Hollywood Reservoir and the Hills below you, and the back of the Hollywood Sign to your left. All around you now are medium sized bushes. At the base of one of these is a small pile of boulders. Please recamoflage the box well after you are done.

After you climb back down to the road, continue a short ways up the road to see the enormous Hollywood Sign letters from the back, with the Hollywood Reservoir and Hills spread below you.