haiflich family  LbNA # 26504 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 12 2006
Locationnashville, IN
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Browncounty State Park, trail 8 (3.9mi)
You will come to a bridge and take the right trail,pass a fence on the left. You will then crossover a small bridge over a small creek.On down you pass another bridge, cross over and keep going down the flat, winding path and cross a third bridge. On your right there another bridge that you will soon be crossing,cross that bridge and continue on.Following the creek which will be on your left (no much further!!) you will come to yet another bridge,BUT this is a good time to sit down and rest,you should be looking at a tril marker 8, look beyond it...do you see a fallen tree to the right up the hill? From the birdge count 32 adult paces up the hill to the roots of the fallen tree. There should be a sunken hole, go ahead....jump in and crouch down, looking up the hill you should find our letterbox that our very excited childern hide just for you!!! Have lots of fun!1