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Atomic Cafe (1 of 4)  LbNA # 26510 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 18 2006
LocationLexington, KY
Planted Bytwistedspokes    
Found By DS
Last Found Sep 15 2007
Hike Distance?

NOTE: the box is reported missing by several sources and the powers that be at McConnell Springs are not happy about the foot trail forming that takes you to the old dairy foundation. Please discontinue use as the letterbox is missing.

Atomic Cafe (1 of 4)
McConnell Springs

Take New Circle to Old Frankfort Pike(1681)
Go East on old Frankfort (towards Lexington)
Take a Right on McConnel Springs Rd.
Take a L on Cahill
Take an R on Rebmann

The parking lot is only open until 5pm, however, the park is open until dusk.

To find the Atomic Cafe letterbox:

Walk though the visitor center, sign in, and get a map. Get to the ampthitheater. You'll notice a paved path heading west. That's your route. At the first fork in the road, continue going straight (west). You'll eventually come to a long bridge/overpass thing. During rainy times, the waters get pretty high. Don't forget to take a peak at the blue hole spring on your right. You'll also notice the remains of the foundation of an old dairy. That's where you're heading. Once you cross over the bridge, there will be an immediate "trail" on your right. You might have to blaze just a few feet, but get to that foundation. The letter box is hidden near the west side of the foundation (the side you came in on). It is hidden at the "T" junction in the foundation under the branches of a berry bush. good luck.

Once you are done...get back to the trail...