Ah, some...(4 of 4) ( missing)  LbNA # 26513 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 18 2006
LocationLexington, KY
Planted Bytwistedspokes    
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Ah, some (4 of 4)

okay, you are still at McConnell Springs. Get back to the ampthitheater. stand in the center part where a speaker would be. Look west, you will notice there is a paved path and a grass path. Take the grass path which heads west. you will notice a pretty rought short trail that ends at a small body of water on your left. Head down the path x amount of paces, then go right into the woods y amount of spaces. Ah, some... should now be yours.

x=(number of big rocks at the garden spring next to visistor's center) times 3

y=1778 minus the year McConnel and his men led a surveying party to McConnel springs.

Have fun.