Texas State Insect  LbNA # 26518 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 19 2006
LocationPlymouth, IN
Planted ByQuetzel    
Found By the geezees
Last Found Aug 18 2007
Hike Distance?

This box is part of the 'Texas State Symbols' series I started planting while I lived in Texas. I just recently moved here, and I had some of these letterboxes already made, so here they are!!

Alive & Well: 8/18/07

This box is in Centennial Park. Centennial Park is on Old Highway 31, just north of downtown Plymouth. Drive through the park to the covered bridge, and you can park by the white and green horse barn just before the covered bridge.

Walk through the covered bridge, and turn onto the path that leads down to the creek. Follow the trail along the creek for awhile, until you come to where the trail leaves the creek and takes a distinct turn to the right. Stop at the curve, and turn around, and walk back down the path you came from, counting 15 steps. Look to the right, and spot a tall, light brown tree with a hole at the trunk, about 7 steps off the path. Go to the tree, and find a smaller tree behind it, also with a hole at the base. The box is stuffed in the hole of the smaller tree, covered with leaves. Please re-hide carefully!! This box is also on atlasquest.com if you want to log your find. Please email me at buttercup864@sbcglobal.net with the status of the box!!