Pirate Toys  LbNA # 26525

Placed DateAug 20 2006
LocationVernonia, OR
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Update: July 1, 2011 - Jolly Roger alive and well.

General information: These boxes are at the Banks-Vernonia State Trail located between Banks and Vernonia here is a link to a map of the trail and the surrounding area: http://www.oregonstateparks.org/images/pdf/bv.pdf. The trail is accessible to bikes, horses and of course walking, the former two are recommended because it is a round-trip distance of over eleven miles (I know it sounds like a lot, but it is not so bad on a bike.

Note: these are micro-boxes, meaning that they are very small and are NOT hitchhiker friendly. The boxes may be difficult to find because of their small size.

Other Note: This box was not placed by Wildhair, but in fact, by her son who has taken on the trail-name Phantom Stamper. I, the Phantom Stamper, carved the stamps, placed the boxes and wrote these clues.

Clues: Here you go these are the clues. They are a little lengthy, but I think you will enjoy them.

When I first saw the pirate he was sailing along the Banks-Vernonia trail at the Tophill Trailhead. If you want to find the things that the pirate left along the way, I recommend that you start there. So I saw this pirate sailing along the path and thought ‘I’ll follow this fellow and see what he does.’ (Yes, his ship could really sail on land, oddly enough.) As I was following him I started to notice that he seemed to be looking for something. Soon after that I realized that it was not that he was looking for something that he had lost but was rather looking for a place to hide something. Just before mile ten we came to a bridge that crossed a highway.

The ship that I was following started to slow. It then came to a stop just before it came to the bridge. A rope-ladder noisily unrolled itself dropping to the ground, moments later the pirate descended to the ground below. This is when I hid behind the closest tree; I did not want the pirate to know I was following him. It was a while before I heard him pulling the ladder back up onto the ship and I knew that it was safe to come out from my hiding. I waited until the ship had pulled away from the bridge to go and investigate. Not having much time to search the bridge hidden items for fear of loosing to pirate I had to look fast. The four corners of the bridge were the first places that I searched, and the last because at the last one I found what the pirate had hidden. It was a pirate flag; the Jolly Roger. The spot were it was hidden was approximately 285° magnetic from mile post ten on the starboard side of the bridge.

After noting the location of the flag in my journal I quickly ran off to catch the pirate and his land-ship. I followed the ship sailing along the trail like a ghost until it stopped again. This time the pirate had anchored his ship by a pair of benches/tables just before Fibre Turn. And this time I was brave enough to peek around a tree to see what the pirate was doing, ‘maybe if I watch I will be able to see what he hides and where he hides it so I do not have to look’. Of what he was hiding became dreadfully obvious right away; he had thrown a treasure chest over board and it looked like he was about to hide it. At that point I began to get exited because, well, it was a treasure chest and that meant gold. He picked up his chest and walked a ways until he reached a peculiar tree. Once he hid the treasure in the forks of the tree he paced off the distance to the closest table. I watched him take fifteen giant pirate-paces. The place were he hid the chest looked to be about 275° from the bench furthest from the Fibre Turn.

He sailed off around the bend and I quickly followed. ‘More?’ I thought, ‘he’ll probably turn back after he has hidden the last of the things that he was planning to hide.’ Following behind the pirate sailing in his ship I saw him pull out a spyglass and look out in front of him. He must have spotted something that interested him because at that point he picked up the pace a bit. Soon after the spyglass-looking he pulled up along side a railroad crossing sign. (Keep a sharp eye out for the sign it is easy to miss.) He hopped off of his ship holding what looked like a compass and pushing a cannon in front of him. ‘He’s going to hide that?’ I had no doubt in the pirate’s judgment, but the cannon was so big I had no idea how he was going to hide it. “230 degrees” I heard him say, he was apparently trying hard to remember were he was hiding these things to, quite possibly, make a map at some latter time. He had walked away from the sign at 230° until he stopped at a tree with white bark. Under a metal plate he hid his cannon. He again boarded his ship.

(reported missing: After a little while longer we came up upon a bench where the pirate stopped again. He got off of his ship and hid is spyglass behind a tree that was six paces at 300° from the north end of the bench. This last object was hidden in a hurry; he looked like he wanted to be done with the job of hiding his stuff. He got back in his ship and sailed of at an alarming speed. I was unable to follow him further. I did, although, find out that the bench where he hid the spyglass close to was near the thirteen-and-three-quarters mile marker. I still have no real idea why he was hiding all of his nice things, but it could have been that he was retiring or that he just wanted to leave some extra stuff around just in case he needed them.)