Wagnalls (MISSING)  LbNA # 26531 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 19 2006
LocationLithopolis, OH
Found By doublewing
Last Found Dec 14 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMay 31 2016

“Dreams long dwelt upon amount to prayers, and prayers wrought in faith come true.” –Mabel Wagnalls


You have undoubtedly heard of the Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary. Adam Wagnalls was co-founder of the Funk and Wagnalls Publishing Company, and both he and his wife were born in Lithopolis.

Mabel Wagnalls Jones was Adam and Anna Wagnalls’ only child. She was a concert pianist and the author of nine books. When she died in 1946, she left the Wagnalls Memorial Library and Community Center to the people of Lithopolis and Bloom Township.

In addition to housing the Library and the Wagnalls Foundation, the Wagnalls Memorial building houses a museum dedicated to American Illustrators. Other collections include Japanese dolls, autographs, photographs, poems by Edwin Markham, O'Henry letters and many paintings by John Ward Dunsmore.

Mabel and her parents are buried in Lithopolis Cemetery, also known as Baugher, Miner, or Zangmeister Cemetery.

To Find the Box:

Go to the Wagnalls Memorial, 150 East Columbus Street, Lithopolis, OH 43136, and park in the rear parking lot.

There is a garden behind the library. Walk through the garden, past the stone birdhouse, to the small rock amphitheatre at the back of the garden. Walk up the rock steps and continue on the path into the woods (next to a power substation).

Follow this trail/stream, which is a bit wet. After approximately 100 steps, look to the right of the path. All lined up at 180 degrees, you will see: 1 small tree, 1 larger tree, and 2 medium trees, plus a large upended tree trunk.

The box is tucked under the far side of the upended tree trunk, under a rock.

If the path leads you between a cut-out downed tree, you walked too far on the path. But after finding the box, go to the end of the path anyway, and admire the riffling brook. Be sure to enjoy the rest of the garden and the library before departing.