Scioto Run Trail Seasons  LbNA # 26537

Placed DateOct 20 2006
LocationHilliard, OH
Planted By3BuckeyeKids    
Found By birdsey
Last Found May 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Hike length: about an hour
Difficulty: easy, but crossing the creek can be tricky, especially after a rain

All OK and log replaced on 8-9-09.
Checked by us on 7-9-08, all in fine shape.

These are our first attempts at carving and the kids wanted to help, so the designs are simple, but if you can bring markers with you, the stamps will be prettier. It has taken us a while to find a good place for a four box series, but we found this hidden gem in Hilliard, the kids wanted to put the boxes here so others could come see the creek. This is a popular place for people to jog and walk their dogs, so please be careful when retrieving and replacing the boxes.

Now for where to find them. To get to Scioto Run Trail, exit I270 at Cemetery Rd. and drive east. Turn left onto Trueman Blvd. and take a quick right onto Hilliard Cemetery Rd. At the next light, turn left onto Dublin Rd. Take the first left off Dublin Rd. to Scioto Run Blvd. and travel to the end of this street. It will dead-end into a cul-de-sac and the sign for the trail entrance will be on the south side. There are four curbside parking spaces. Enter the trail and keep on the path that goes left, there is a bench at the decision point, and takes you in a generally eastward direction along the creek. (The creek is on your right, but it can’t always be seen from the path.) You will pass a flat bench and the path will jog to the right and then continue east. When you get to a bench that says HILLIARD KIWANIS, sit and take a break. I wonder if spring has sprung close by. Look three steps away, at 120 degrees (southeast) from the tree on your right. There is a pile of rocks with two large rocks (one is moss covered) in the middle and a smaller rock to the right of the large rocks that could be a door. Check the weather for April showers there. I checked the box and found it missing, but seems to have been put back, because it is being found again.

After the wind and wet of spring, we all look forward to the heat of summer and fun at the beach. Continue eastward on the path to search for your beach toy. Cross over a drainpipe (Thanks to the local Eagle Scouts, this pipe area no longer floods. They have built a stone retaining wall above the pipe and built up the soil.) and walk on until you come to the creek. Cross the creek on the rocks, go up the stairs (installed by the Scouts too) and take the path that goes eastward again, still following the creek, but on the south side. Walk for a while and pass a bench. When you get to the picnic table, take another break. Look to the southeast for a cluster of trees on the south side of the path. The summer fun you seek is in the center of this cluster. Please replace the bark to keep the box hidden.

As summer fades, a chill settles in and the leaves begin to blow. The farmers gather the last of, what they hope is, a bountiful harvest. To get your share of the harvest, keep going east on the path. It will wind for quite a while until you come to a Y in the path (it will be upside down as you approach the intersection on the arm of the Y). Make a U-turn and head west on the other arm of the Y. This path is further south of the creek. If you see a 50 gallon drum, you have missed the Y and will need to go back to it. Pass two trees, on the right, that have pink paint on the trunks, about seven feet up. (Over growth now makes this very hard to see.) Walk for quite a ways and just before the path goes down a small hill, you will see a fallen, 15 foot, log on the left side of the path (Spring has really led to gound cover growth, so the log is more hidden then it used to be.) and then two trees that seem to form a starting gate. (One on either edge of the path.) Stand between the trees and take ten steps. On your right, you will see three dead trees leaning at a 45 degree angle to the east. Walk to them and there will be a forth tree on the ground behind the spot where the three trees come together. Your fall treat is under the forth log. (If you get to a bench, you have gone too far. Go back about 29 paces and look for the box.)

Winter is last in this cycle and with the cold, comes the snow. The path will dip, pass a very large fallen tree trunk and then the trail will wind a bit. When the path makes a right turn to the north, look to your right for the fallen tree. Follow the downed tree, on your right, to the spot where it used to grow. Look into this stump for your small reminder of winter. This box contains the log book for the series.

After completing your collection of seasons stamps, continue on the path in a northerly direction until you come to the spot where you crossed the creek. You are now on the path you started on. Follow it (west) back to your car.

Thanks for visiting our boxes. Please bring pen, logbook, and ink (markers would be best). Please make sure to hide the boxes well, so they are not discovered accidentally.