Fry Guys  LbNA # 26551

Owner7 is a perfect numbe      
Placed DateOct 20 2006
LocationShawnee Mission Park, Shawnee, KS
Found ByNo one crams us (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 16 2014


Would you like small, regular or large fries with your letterbox?

Go to shelter #8 in the Shawnee Mission Lake/Park. Find the water fountain in the picnic area that overlooks the lake. At the fountain, head 160 degrees and walk 4 paces. You'll walk over a water meter. On your left is a rocky path. Head down the path 12 paces. Go 360 degrees for 3 paces to a downed, dead tree. There is a fork in this dead tree, with a hollow in the stump. Letterbox is in the hollow but make sure the hollow is critter free. Please replace as found and let us know it's still there and in good shape.