Who is watching over me?  LbNA # 26552

Owner7 is a perfect numbe    
Placed DateOct 20 2006
LocationShawnee Mission Park, Shawnee, KS
Found By green_armyman
Last Found Oct 16 2007
Hike Distance?

Across the street from shelter # 8 in Shawnee Mission Park, is a Shawnee Mission Park access. There is a path called Gary Haller trail. Get on this path and pass the female biker who is stationary. Follow this trail all the way to a horse crossing sign and go to the intersection. Go left to 87th street access. walk through the wild grass prarie and pass a bird dwelling on the right. You will enter a wooded area. See the tree at the entrance to the woods with 3 trunks on the left of path? Walk around the curve and look for a skinny tree on the right with an eyeball shaped knot hole next to the path. From here, go 12 paces. Turn to a bearing of 20 degrees and walk 15 paces to the huge "Swiss Family Robinson" tree in front of the creek bed. Letterbox is planted behind this tree. Please let us know when found and if it's in good shape.