Blue Bird Letterbox  LbNA # 26556

Placed DateOct 21 2006
LocationDublin, OH
Found By Robbins Family
Last Found Aug 15 2016
Hike Distance?

Please bring your own stamp pad and pen.


Bluebirds are beautiful birds with a reddish breast and azure back. In Ohio, severe winters plus loss of habitat have caused population declines. The Ohio Bluebird Society is encouraging the return of the Eastern bluebird in Ohio by planting man-made nesting boxes, which are monitored regularly to eliminate competitive species that often force out nesting bluebirds.

The bluebird boxes are located on the property of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, quite near this letterpouch. OCLC is the world’s premiere library company--a not-for-profit membership cooperative of libraries around the world. Accordingly, this letterpouch log is made of library catalog cards.


This letterpouch is located at Indian Run Falls, 700 Shawan Falls Drive, Dublin, OH. Dublin is a northwest suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

Go to the falls, and park in the parking lot. Follow the path. Go left on the path when it comes to a T. (You will see a bridge off to the right.) You will very soon arrive at the first lookout platform. As you face this platform, walk to the left (outer) side of the platform. The letterpouch is located under the platform, behind the third vertical post, beneath some small rocks.

Be sure to enjoy the falls after stamping into the letterbox! We hope you’ll hike over the bridge and on down the path, where there are additional views of Shawan Falls. You will eventually come to the Indian Run cemetery (founded in 1813) and the Dublin Public Library.

After returning to your car, you can continue on Shawan Falls Drive, into OCLC’s campus, where the road loops back around to Frantz Road. OCLC’s campus is where the bluebird boxes are.

(I’d originally planned to plant this box on OCLC property. Perhaps while visiting the falls you spotted an older bridge, now fenced off. That bridge was built by OCLC on OCLC property, when OCLC had an understanding with the city of Dublin that in case of accident, OCLC would not be held liable. Unfortunately when the city of Dublin finally got round to developing this park in 2005/2006, the city declined to continue that accommodation with OCLC. OCLC could not find the old paperwork documenting the insurance arrangement, and so OCLC had to close that bridge. And, my letterbox plans were revised accordingly.)