Skyline Squirrel  LbNA # 26558

Placed DateOct 18 2006
LocationTariffville, CT
Found By The Bird Stamper
Last Found Mar 30 2011
Hike Distance?

This box was placed on a beautiful October day by Tariffville School's Girl Scout Troop 6089. The box got its unusual name in memory of a dead squirrel found by the Girl Scouts near where the box was placed, and in recognition of the beautiful view of Hartford's skyline from this spot.

We left from Tariffville School and enjoyed a nice walk through the village to get to the trail, but you can park closer to the trail if you want. At the intersection of Route 189 and Route 315, turn onto Mountain Road. Go to the end of the road (which years ago used to run all the way over the hill into Bloomfield) and park in the cul-de-sac. You'll see a trail heading uphill to the right. Follow the trail uphill. You'll have to step over, under and around a number of fallen trees, but stay on the trail. Eventually, you'll get to a clear area at the top of the hill, turn left and keep following the trail. You'll pass a set of three powerline poles on the left, then you'll go under a set of two powerline poles. Skyline Squirrel is hidden around the third set of powerline poles. Be sure to enjoy the view of Hartford's skyline. Check out our home-made stamps and let us know you've been there--we'll look in the spring to see if there's been any traffic.