Caledesi Island- Paradise Found  LbNA # 26562

Placed DateApr 29 2006
LocationClearwater, FL
Planted Byseekher    
Found By May Amelia
Last Found Mar 19 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by Seekher, Mumsie and Beach Bum.

I try to visit Caladesi Island at least once, every time I go to Fl. [usually in the spring] to visit my parents. The shelling on the island is pretty good [some days better then others] but the view is breathtaking! It is only accessable by boat or ferry so it's not crowded..which we love. When my mom [mumsie] and I [seekher] visit this is typically what we do: we get off the ferry, follow the trail to the ocean side, ditch our stuff on the beach, walk to the north [to the farthest point] and back shelling as we go. We love it every time, never get tired of the will see!

Check it out on the web site

The ferry ride starts on Honeymoon Island to get to Caladesi. There are minimal fees for getting on Honeymoon Island [?$2-$5] and for the ferry ride [$8/per person- Cost may change. Discounted for young children.] Believe me, it's well worth it!!

Distance to box- approx. 1 mile walk [all level beach]

From where the ferry drops you off [on Caladesi] take the trail that leads out to the ocean side of the beach [past the bath house/ restrooms]
From that boardwalk near the beach, walk north up the beach.
Approx. 1 mile, look for a place to rest [set back away from the water] in memory of Lillian & Frank Dwarkin. Facing the bench, you'll see a bush/tree to the left. Behind the main trunk is what you seek.

Hope you enjoy the beautiful beach!! There is a nearby boat rental place, off the causeway that you will pass on your way to Honeymoon Island [where you will get on the ferry]. I've often thought kayaking to and around the Island would be fun, we often see people doing it when it's not a windy day.

There are walking paths on the Island also. Just beware of going off the path..they say there are rattlers there.

Be sure to bring your camera, it's a wonderful location.

Please be stealthy with others walking the beach. Be sure to double bag the stamp and log book and re-hide the box well. Thank you.

Please feel free to contact me at with any comments OR to let me know if the log book is getting full. Thanks.