Satety Harbor  LbNA # 26563 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 10 2007
LocationClearwater, FL
Planted Byseekher    
Found By TheBarberFamily
Last Found Jul 17 2007
Hike Distance?

****************************************************************MISSING MISSING MISSING MISSING MISSING... Unfortuneately, It seems that this box is missing. 8/10/07 IT WILL HAVE TO BE RE-HIDDEN, then I will update that it is ready and waiting for searchers again.

Safety Harbor is a very nice town/area. In it is a cute little park with a pier that is popular for viewing manatee. When visiting my parents, we often visit and try to catch glimpses of them. I love the beautiful water's stunning at night with the lights on it. Of course you can't see the manatee at night. lol

Easy/drive up

From Gulf to Bay Blvd, go north on Bayshore Blvd a mile or two. The park will be on your right. You will see the water fountain at it's entrance. Pull in and park. There is also a marina and the pier is all the way back.

**5/10/07-Carved and REPLACED in new spot by Seeker and Mumsie. Original box that was planted in 06 had gone missing.

Walk to the water fountain, enjoy the view. Standing at the fountain, you will then find and face the clock and main road.

Walk in that direction until you're standing in the middle of the 1st 4-way [sidewalk] intersection. Turn left and walk to the end of the wall.

Observe a map of "Old Tampa Bay." Being careful that no one is the very bottom. Pay close attention and your fingers will find what you're searching for.

Have fun, I hope you enjoy the park and see some manatee! Please be stealthy with finding the box and rehiding it, it is in a location that can become busy with nearby road, sidewalks and benches.

Please feel free to contact me at with any comments OR to let me know if the lob book is getting full. Thanks.