OwnerHappy Daze    
Placed DateOct 21 2006
Location???, ME
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This is a perfect spot for a picnic and be sure to bring your camera, there are plenty of picture perfect moments along the trail.

This island is a well known place for a school. To find it you must go over a causeway and when you enter, you maybe told you will have to come back. But if you are allowed in please tell the person that you want to walk the trail. (there is no fee)

After you park your vehicle, take the path through the rocks follow till you come to a fork, take a right. You will go by a swing on your right. Keep walking and you will then pass a set of steps, to the shore on the right. You will then pass a set of large rocks on the right.

Eventually you will come to the school on your left. Keep going walking down the trail and you will then see a wall, keep going. Then there will be two benches on the right and a swing on the left. You will pass another bench and follow trail around to the left.

You will then come to a fork, take the left to the pet cemetary. Go clockwise around the wall and to your left you will see a large stump. That is where you will find the logo for this specific school.

You can then go back to the trail and follow the other fork around till you come back to the beginning. Be sure to look at the fairies houses on your left after the pet cemetary.