Find a Cure  LbNA # 26574

Placed DateOct 21 2006
CountyNew London
LocationNorwich, CT
Planted ByDelphius    
Found By taylors
Last Found Jun 26 2011
Hike Distance?

Since this is breast cancer awareness month this letterbox is dedicated to my Mother, Lynn, and her ongoing battle with a form of breast cancer. A battle started 18 years ago. I love you mom, I hope you understand that I and all of your family are here for you. This is also for all the other breast cancer survivors around that struggle in hopes that they now know they are not and will never be alone.

Box clues:
Find Backus Hospital in Norwich, CT. Head to the northern most parking lot from the medical office building (adjoined to Backus) for your starting point. Park in the western most corner of the lot.

From the western corner of the lot. There is a small tree at 330 degrees with a small vine wrapped around it. The indistinct footpath starts here. Head on the footpath past another bigger tree with a thicker snaking vine around it. Go under the fallen trees around to the dead tree with the large crevasse in it. In the crevasse of the dead tree is the prize you seek.

Please rehide well and be discreet with other people and security around constantly. Thank you for helping support her battle as one and our battle as a family. There is a few trinkets in there for the first 5 finders. Good luck and happy hunting.

Stamp carved by Dave P. Thanks for your help in making this box so memorable.