Nature's Holy Man  LbNA # 26609 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 22 2006
LocationGainesville, FL
Planted ByBoxingbuddy    
Found By Gray Girl
Last Found Aug 20 2010
Hike Distance?

Clues: Placed by Boxingbuddy

Clue Difficulty: easy

Terrain Difficulty: easy hike with some roots and uneveness in trails


Ring Park is a sweet little gem located west of Hogtown Creek between NW 23rd Boulevard and NW 16th Avenue. It is quiet, beautiful park whose 19 acres are traversed by lovely nature trails and boardwalks along Hogtown Creek.

Directions to the Park: The north entrance to the park is located along NW 23rd Avenue, a few blocks west of US-441 (13th St. in town.) Look for the Elks Lodge and make a left into their parking lot. Follow the signs for the park through the Elks parking lot.

Directions to the Box: From the parking lot at the north entrance follow the bridge and paved trail up the hill and into the park. When you come to the welcome sign , take the large trail to the left. Follow the trail past the picnic pavilion to a point where the trail comes to a “T”. Take the trail to the right. You will come to another "t" in the trail. A right turn here would bring you to the parking lot again so take a LEFT instead. (Pay no attention to the sign referring to the "Bird Blind". That structure was removed some time during the summer of '06) When you come to a sign warning “Going off trail is detrimental, etc.” in front of you, stay to the right of the sign. After a short walk you will go over a short boardwalk and approach the bank of the Hogtown Creek. On your right you will see a bench. Sit on the left side of this bench with your left elbow on the left armrest.

From where you now sit, people may approach from three directions. Take great care to look and listen for approaching park visitors. It is extremely important to not be seen retrieving and replacing the letterbox you have come here to find!

With your left arm on the left armrest of this bench, take a look over your left shoulder. There you will see (a foot or so away from you) three small trunks of a tree which meet together in the ground. At the base of the trunk which is furthest to your left beneath dead palm fronds, you will find “Nature’s Holy Man”.

After carefully replacing the letterbox, you may continue walking down the trail to the right if you wish to walk to the south entrance of the park off 16th Ave. If you would rather return to your car or if you plan to visit the “Hogtown Creek Letterbox”, you will need to turn back toward the direction from which you originally came.