Crickettes In The City  LbNA # 26637 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSmooth Sailing    
Placed DateOct 22 2006
LocationBartow, FL
Found By Smooth Sailing
Last Found Jun 9 2011
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MISSING<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> MISSING >>>>>>>
Located in
Mary Holland Park
Bartow Florida
at South Broadway and Clower Street.
Just east of the Bartow civic center and 1 mile south of the Bartow Courthouse.

From the intersection of Hwy 98 and 60 in Bartow simply travel south on Broadway (past the tall courthouse) for about a mile and a half. You will see the entrance to the park after crossing Clower street.

Mary Holland Park is a 116-acre park. 18 picnic pavilions with grills, 69 picnic tables, three soccer fields, two restroom buildings and state-of-the-art playgrounds for children of all ages. The three lakes (Heron, Cardinal and Purple Martin) are interconnected. Fishing is allowed from shore, piers and boats (no gasoline engines permitted).

Start at the main gate for itís in you go,
Follow the road straight, slowly you know,

The white fence, on your left will appear,
The letterbox is close, not far but near,

Following the first left turn and over the bump,
Find the waves of skates where they fly, they leap, and they jump

Pass them now itís not here you learn,
Turn at the last road, turning left, is the way you should turn,

Hurry now, thereís no need to be late,
Youíll soon be there, just passing thru the gate.

Just a little further on the right, on the right you will see,
A bridge with a cricket, and a campground will be

The eye of the circle, Stand in the middle
Turn yourself now, you turn just a little

Face directly east, less 10 degrees if you please
6 steps now, and then onto your knees

Itís under the wood, now bend over you should
Left side I say, to remove the box you could

You found it you did, you found it I say,
Stamp stamp stamp, log you memories you may!