The Past In The Present  LbNA # 26654 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSmooth Sailing    
Placed DateOct 22 2006
LocationBartow, FL
Found By cuda
Last Found Jan 30 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015

********* MISSING *************

Homeland Heritage Park

Start in the future and go to the past. Here is a park that has several old historic buildings preserved in their original condition. It’s a quiet little park in a little know area of Polk County. Take a look around and enjoy your visit into the past.

Starting from Bartow Florida travel south on Hwy 17 for approximately 5 miles. You will reach a traffic light at the intersection of Hwy 17 and County Road 640. The light is just north of a rail road overpass.

Turn west onto CR 640 for about 3/10ths of a mile where you will see a brown road sign directing you to turn left, south, on Hibiscus. The road will turn to the right towards the park itself. Turn left onto Church st. to the entrance of the park. The park is open during normal hours. After hours you can park along the side of the street and still recover the letter box.

Once inside the parking area find the ground level well north of the oak tree and east of the school. This is your initial starting point. Face 332 degrees while standing at the well and take 23 paces to trade with the Irish Peddlers. Check around for the letterbox, check near the ground. The steps provide a great place to sit while you log your find.

NOTE***** LB has a slight change of position, due to the recent vandalizem of the letter box.
***The Irish Peddlers have taken up a closer watch on the Letter Box and have provided some magnetic luck to ensure safe keeping.*****

*SPECIAL THANKS to "LuchtOut" for the rescue of the LB Stamp. Thank You !!! :)